UPDATE 12-8-3

Download the Engish Patch v1.2

This patch includes the usual round of bugfixes, plus I finally got that titlescreen thing translated. Big thanks go out to FuSoYa for this one - he's the mang when it comes to graphics decompression.

Also, I'm now releasing the script and its accompanying encoder to the general public. Get it here. With this, you can make your own alternations to RD, whether it be a translation to another language, a change to the story, or perhaps even a totally new story of your own. Go ahead, there's no reason for me to keep this from you any longer.

UPDATE 4-24-3

Download the Engish Patch v1.1

This patch fixes all the text bugs that have been reported so far. Also, a few generous people have helped me to update the patcher program. It now has support for ROMs with headers, and it will work under DOS now. For users of other OSs, visit the sourceforge page and download the sourcecode - directions for compiling are included, and they're pretty simple.

Savestates from untranslated versions, or previous translation versions are incompatible with this version, just as how this version will probably be incompatible with the next version, if there is one. Well, that's not entirely true -- loading a savestate from an untranslated version will definitely fuck up a translated version. However, loading a savestate from a previous translation version might work, but you'll probably end up at a slightly different place than where you should be, and the game engine might get confused and crash. If you need to do this though, try to save your savestate near the entrance to the mansion. The closer you are to the entrance, the less chance there'll be that it'll crash.


On another topic, I might be starting a project soon which I'm calling Chrono Master. It's similar to the Exult and Zelda Classic projects, but for Chrono Trigger. If you've never heard of these kinds of projects before, here's the scoop: They're recreations of the original games, reprogrammed from scratch for modern computers, identical to the original at first glance.

However, like Zelda Classic and Exult, it will be much more than just a game -- aside from being able to play the original Chrono Trigger with it, it will also include a heavy-duty design studio, which will allow anyone to make, distribute, and play their own Chrono-Trigger-like games.

Once this project is done, the first thing I plan on doing is designing a quest of my own for it -- a 2D reprise of the Playstation game Chrono Cross, completely reimagined with an understandable plot, deeper articulated characters, and an overall feel that's much more reminiscent of Chrono Trigger than Squaresoft's Chrono Cross was. Here are a few prototype screenshots:

However, this is going to be a big project, and although I know a lot of people out there (including me) would really love to see this get made, I don't know if I'll be able to do it alone. So, what I'm looking for are talented programmers who know c and c++ like the back of their hands. A lot of time will be spent reverse-engineering the Chrono Trigger ROM, so don't apply unless you're confident in your low-level skills. Also, pixel artists who can mimic the artistic style of CT are more than welcome to apply.

I'm looking for experienced people here -- If you're interested in applying, please be ready to show an example of a past project or two that you've worked on. But more than anything else, what I'm looking for are people who can stay committed to a project and see it through till the end. It doesn't do me a bit of good to take on a coding genius who's only going to give me a week's worth of work.

In any case, I just thought I'd post this here and get the ball rolling. If you or someone you know possesses these qualities and would love to make this a reality, don't hesitate to contact me (my email address is in the readme). Also, you're all welcome to head over the newly created Chrono Master Sourceforge Page and see what the buzz is all about. Nothing's really there yet except the forums, though.


And finally, no, Adam (MO) and I (Demi) still haven't managed to find decent professional work. However, people seem to agree that we did a good job translating RD, and some have even gone so far as to say we should offer our services as freelance translators. So, sure, cool, that works for me. If you or anyone you know is looking for a Japanese translation of a document, anime, manga, hentai, etc, contact Demi and we'll get you all the details. Thanks!

UPDATE - 4-15-3

Download the English Patch v1.0

The patch program will work on both the 8mb and 16mb versions of the ROM. Any Radical Dreamers ROM will do, actually... you can even use it on a prepatched version, like the old ten-minute teaser.

If you have any questions, please read the readme (included in the download) before you email us. There's a ton of info in there.

If you've got a bug to submit, or if you'd like to check out some of the technical docs, or if you just want to gab for hours and hours about Radical Dreamers, then you are cordially invited to head over to the Sourceforge page.

One last thing - Adam (MO) and I (Demi) are both looking for better jobs at the moment. Adam's interested in getting hooked up with a Japanese translation job somewhere in the northern California area, and I'm leaving myself open to programming, translating, and graphics work throughout America. If you or someone you know is interested in hiring someone who has obvious passion for what they do, throw either one of us an email (again, found in the readme) and we'll get you a resume faster than you can say "recession". Thanks!

UPDATE - 4-8-3

The translation will be released on my mom's birthday, April 15.

UPDATE - 4-7-3

Since I've already released all my sourcecode for Radical Dreamers to the public, I figured I might as well set up a Sourceforge page for the project. Right now all you'll find here are updated versions of things you can find here, like the control code sheet and the script encoder sourcecode. However, once the patch is released, you'll be able to find it here (I won't be able to put it on because of bandwidth), along with stuff like the english script and bug reporting forums.

UPDATE - 3-24-3


UPDATE - 11-8-2

Dammit, I didn't wanna have to update again until we were ready to release the game, but people keep on emailing, so I felt kind of obligated to post something for the time being.

I've got all my translating done. My assistant is finishing up the last two scenarios on his side of things (I decided to translate scenarios 1, 2, 5, and 7, while he took 3, 4, and 6). There ended up being some pretty cool things in the story. I'll do my best to convey them well in english.

All that remains to be done on my side of things is to edit the entire script, which is going to be completely done by me (Demi). Right now most of the dialogue looks like something you'd hear in a badly dubbed kung-fu movie. Currently I've the got about a third of it edited, and my assistant should have his last two scenarios done by the time I get done editing.

After all the editing is done, all that'll remain is the private beta testing, and then we'll release it to everybody. I've already got my beta testers, so no thanks, we don't need any more help there. But getting these last two steps done might take a little longer than I expected, since I'm now working full-time (the paypal donations just weren't enough to support the bills, unfortunately) and I really can't devote as much time to editing as compared to when I was translating. It's okay, though... Editing is easier.

And finally, if you're one of those people who constantly checks this page for updates, your best bet is to head over to GameFAQ's Radical Dreamers Forum instead. I answer questions about the translation there all the time.

UPDATE - 8-31-2

This whole teaser patch affair has gotten me exactly what i wanted - a great translator. He's currently giving me update after update, providing me with text faster than i can insert into the game. We're a bit further into the game now, I'd say about 40 more pages into the game, and it's looking better and better every day.

By the way, If you're wondering why your emulator doesn't run IPS roms, that's because an IPS file isn't a rom, it's a patch. Rom hackers release patches because passing around a rom is against the law, but passing around a patch is legal. If you don't know what to do with an IPS patch, go to Zophar's Domain, they have utilities for applying patches there.

And one more thing - I already know about the Radical Dreamers FAQ out there, I don't need it sent to me in the mail. It has a translation of the story in it, but it isn't that good at all. Head over to and try reading it - if you don't agree that it's all out of order and most of the sentences are incomprehensible, then well, good for you.

UPDATE - 8-17-2

Well hey, here ya go, i'll be nice and let ya have a little preview of the game. Only a couple minutes of the game are done but it's pretty cool to see anyhow. Lots of people to thank for this, but mostly cstrife, max r., demo, and gideon zhi.

If you've come here looking to help out with the translation, go read through the tools page.

And BY THE WAY, if you're about to email me, saying something like 'ZSNES crashed at the first screen when i try to run it, wahhhhh', all you need to do is choose anything but the first option. It has to do with the satellaview system, the system this game run on. It's got some wierd system calls that I couldn't take out. And another thing - you need to use this translation patch on the 16mb version of the game, not the 8mb version. (if the ROM you have is 1,048,576 bytes long, you've got the wrong version.)

UPDATE - 7-30-2

Well, with the help of a friend of mine I've managed to get ahold of a new translator. Working together, we've managed to get the first couple of scenes translated and edited. I've also finished coding the text reinsertor / recompressor, so I've been able to see the first 10 minutes of the game in English (very cool). With a bit of luck we should be able to get more and more worked through, but this really is a big script. The game's not too long but it branches out a lot. Still, I'm pretty wet over the whole turn of events.

By the way, if you're saying to yourself "Man, I wish there was some way I could help you guys, but I don't know how to program, and I can't translate Japanese", I've got the perfect idea: Donate! The more money we get from this, the longer we can put off getting real jobs, which lets us spend more time on cool stuff like Radical Dreamers. And we know you'd much rather have us doing Radical Dreamers than programming boring stuff.

UPDATE - 5-30-2

Hey guess what! I lied all along, I never quit working on this translation. I would take it out once in a while and do some work here and there, and finally there's something to show for it. Along with my bud Cstrife, we've managed to procure a fully readable script, with pretty much all the control codes figured out (the only ones that are still a mystery are negligable). Wanna check out what the script looks like so far? here ya go. Now you can see what's been giving us such a headache all this time.

So now comes the translation phase. If you're a fluent Japanese speaker, or know someone who is, and you'd like to see this lost Chrono Trigger sequel in English, email me. I could probably do this translation myself, but since there are most likely a lot of little nuances to the writing style that only a native speaker could understand, I'm not trying it.

Tech Page

You may recognise this text from Chrono Cross's future ruins "Chronopolis". However, it is actually the introduction for the SNES game Radical Dreamers, which I am trying to translate into english. It's the original sequel to Chrono Trigger; the game Chrono Cross is based off of. It was quietly released in Japan in 1996, but never came out in english. Things I wondered about in Chrono Cross are explained in Radical Dreamers, like the relationship between Kid and Lynx, and who Guile really is.

It's a very ambient, mellow game, much different than Chrono Trigger. It's best played at nighttime. If you enjoy music by Brian Eno, Harold Budd, or Angelo Badalamenti, you'll enjoy this game.

I've had some troubles translating it myself though, and I could use some help. I'd really like to talk to someone who is fluent in Japanese. The script's just too big for me to handle by myself.

apply here. (delete the nospam part when emailing)

You would be working with two people over the internet. I can't offer you any money for this work since it's a fan translation, but you would be given credit for your work, and everybody who loves Chrono Cross will love you and throw parties for you and stuff.

Please, spread this message to everyone you can. Demiforce would love to see the english speakers of the world able to play this game, but we need your help.
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