(get the ROM here)

Well, you can either email me if you wanna ask about helping, or you can try doing it yourself if I'm not available (I'm heavily considering going into the military and I might just be gone one day (or dead or something!! (fear my embedded parentheses))).

The Scripts

If you want to have a look at the scripts, here's the Japanese version and the partially translated version. they're both in Shift-JIS format, and need to be kept that way if you want to use my tools to reinsert them back into the game.

I know it's big. I don't expect any one person to be able to do it all. If you want, just break off a chunk and mail it to me when you're done. try to keep it how it is though (don't delete any codes, the things that are in carrets) and don't add any new line feeds where there weren't any before. You can be liberal with the translation though - I've made it so there's about 450% the space there used to be in the ROM for the script.

The Tools

Here's the thing that lets encodes the script textfile into the binary format that the game uses.
Here's the thing that inserts that binary file into the game.
Here's the technical information i've found so far.